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Ex Rocket Scientist on New Adventure

Published October 18, 2016 in Uncategorized - 1 Comment

Welcome to my blog. I am a retired Rocket Scientist and now President of Jilcat Industrial Marketing Group and an ExPat living in Baja, Mexico. In this blog I will be sharing my research on the things that effect vechicle and equipment performance and service life, updates and listing of events where we will be demonstrating our Engine that runs without oil at our Motor Sports Marketing Partners events and what life is like living as an ex pat in Baja Mexico.

Among these topics I will delve into inexpensive ways to make any vehicle or equipment run more efficiently, money saving tips on purchasing and operating vehicles and equipment. I will take you to the race track where we will go into the pits and garages to find how they prepare a vehicle for the race and the science behind it. What life is like living as an American in Mexico. I will compare the cost of living, the availability of health care, the food, can you really own clear title to property in Baja Mexico, what activities are there to do here and is it really safe to be living here.

Let me know what you want to know about any of these topics by posting your questions or interests in the reply section of the blog. Look my first blogs on gasoline and diesel fuel. I will be looking into is it woth to pay the extra dollars for brand name fuels vs. generic. What is a Top Tier fuel and should you be only using this fuel in your vehicle. I will mix these with some of my live adventures and activities here in Baja Mexico.

1 comment

Joe Hutton - September 27, 2017 Reply

I work with the Defense Department. Please contact me at 580-262-0544 at your earliest convenience.

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